Upcoming Men’s Hairstyle to Rock 2020

Sporting a casual yet trendy look, guys know how to rock a look with style. The culture of experimentation has opened a gateway to hairstyles that men can flaunt anytime. Here are the top 5 in-vogue hairstyles of 2020 that are raging this season.

  • Disconnected Undercut

This stylish haircut is a winsome choice for men who wish to wear a crew cut but without giving off the ‘army’ aura. Achieved with a trimmer setting of 0.2 mm precision and tapered down different layers of hair, this disconnected haircut is one of the highly sought haircuts this year. The best thing about this haircut is its final setting, which is completed with a solid undercut.

  • Clean Side Shifted Haircuts

Promising to make a girl swoon or even skip a beat, this clean style hairstyle is a hot favorite of college-goers. The ‘oh-so-casual’ parting of hair on one side with deep trim-side projects a suave look. Highly trending hairstyle for men, this shifted hairstyle can be kept on hold with a dab of a good hair gel.

  • Quiff Boy

An apt answer to the classic clean haircut, Quiff adds personality to the wearer with a long, oval face. A sharper look can be easily achieved with fades on the sides and the back of the head. For a slightly relaxed look, you can ask for a less pronounced fade.

  • Caramelized Boho Cut

Highlighted shade and a wispy haircut are the core elements of a bohemian, urban look. To attain perfection, a subtle tint of Caramel (hair color) is used to give that elfish look.

  • Pompadour

Who didn’t love the look of Chris ‘Captain America’ Evans’ in Avengers? The pompadour hairstyle suits both casual and formal looks. When worn with a crisp suit, it not only gives a polished appearance but also perks up the personality in no time!

Even though these snazzy cuts are the highly demanded hairdos of 2020, it is important to take care of your hair. Follow a healthy routine, show some love to your hair and you can achieve an uber-cool look with the trending hairstyle of your choice.

Till then, set your locks free with any of these hairstyles!