Pros And Cons Of Hair Spa That Needs To Be Kept In Mind

Since I have been facing hair fall issues my mother has been constantly nudging me to get a hair spa. Just like this, I am pretty sure that you must have also encountered this word from your hairstylist or people from your nearby salons whenever you have told them about your hair problems. 

So, I am here to throw some light on this ever-trending topic for you and help you figure out whether it is worth spending your time and money on a hair spa.


  • What Is Hair-Spa?
  • Steps Involved In a Hair-Spa
  • Pros of Hair Spa
  • Cons of A Hair Spa
  • Conclusion

What is a Hair Spa?

Hair Spa

A hair spa is a hair treatment that involves various steps such as cleaning, massaging, steaming, and many more. The main focus of a hair spa is to provide a deep cleanse to the pores of your scalp that helps to provide the hair-filled nourishment and moisturizer and helps the hair in its healthy growth. Hair-spa is a temporary process and is different from keratin treatment. 

Most people recommend a hair spa every 20 days depending on the hair type and the scalp. In all, a hair spa is more about cleansing the hair and conditioning them from the pores to provide them with fulfilled nourishment.

Steps Involved In A Hair-Spa

Understanding the steps involved in a hair spa could help you get a detailed outlook on whether it is a right fit for you or not. So here we go…

1. Shampooing


Now, it is time to wash and clean your hair. Ideally, you should use a sulfate-free shampoo and cool water to wash your hair and after that, leave it for 30 minutes.

2. Hair Mask


The most important step of a hair spa, this step involves the application of a hair mask that helps to provide deep nourishment to the scalp and makes the skin smooth and frizz-free.

3. Massaging

Mostly the third step i.e head massage. It is the process of massaging the scalp that helps increase blood flow in the hair follicles that helps in boosting hair growth and its health. This step also helps in better absorption of the nutrients in the hair mask.

4. Steaming


A step is done for better absorption of the nutrients. Similar to facial steam, hair steaming opens up the pores and leads to better absorption of minerals and nutrients making healthy hair.

5. Rinsing


The final step of the hair spa. After working the whole procedure out, you need to wash your hair properly with lukewarm water so that no residue is left behind.

And voila!! Your hair has emerged from the battle victoriously and is ready to make every person envious.

Now that we have understood what is a hair spa and has briefly glanced over its steps, it’s time to delve ourselves into understanding its advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of Hair-Spa

1. Improves blood circulation: The steps such as massaging and steaming helps in increasing the flow of blood in the hair follicles that helps in making the hair stronger and healthier. This can eventually result in voluminous hair.

2. Helps in removing impurities from the scalp: During the process of hair-spa, the dry scalp and the hair are cleaned thoroughly which helps in unclogging the pores and removing the deeply buried impurities from hair.

3. Effective in reducing dandruff: Hair spa helps in balancing the Ph level of the scalp and thus is effective in reducing dandruff. 

4. It also normalizes oil secretion

5. Deeply moisturizes the hair and scalp: With the hair mask and other steps of the hair spa, everything in combination leads to providing nourishment to both the hair and the scalp.

6. It also effectively relaxes the mind and leads to better sleep.

Cons of Hair-Spa

  1. Regular treatment is necessary for effective results: It would only reap benefits if you apply it after every 20-25 days, else the benefits would be hard to figure out.
  2. It sometimes looks like a big hole in the pocket: Having a hair spa regularly might be seen as expensive and unnecessary at times.
  3. The biggest side-effect of a hair spa is its impact on colored hair. A hair spa may cause your hair color to fade away.
  4. Hair spa treatments single-handedly cannot resolve all your hair issues. They have to be combined with proper food and exercise, and other required supplements too.


Now that we have listed the hair-spa benefits and have briefly understood the idea behind having a hair-spa, here are my final views. I think hair-spa is quite necessary when it comes to proper care of hair. But I also feel that if you understand the techniques well, then it could be done quite easily at home. So, maybe I’ll advise varying between a salon hair spa and a home hair spa sometimes, but I do firmly believe that a spa helps in better nourishment of hair, just like a facial is great for the skin.