Give Yourself A Makeover With These 6 Ethical Fashion Brands

With increasing awareness and consciousness towards the environment, ethical fashion has found its ground in today’s trends. Clothing today is not just about style and glamour, but about lifestyle and beliefs. Sustainable fashion not just encourages a consumer to go ahead with eco-friendly clothing but also personates a sustainable lifestyle along with a responsible attitude towards the environment.

Ethical fashion not only includes environment-friendly clothing but clothes that are produced following the Labour Rights as well. Wearing clothes that make you confident inside-out always provides a different kind of ease and satisfaction.

So, take a look at the following Ethical Fashion Brands, which promise to provide both class and grace!



Nicobar, as the very name suggests, is an Ethical Fashion Brand, inspired by the peaceful and serene Nicobar islands in India. It is one of its kind contemporary brands that cater to lifestyle, clothing, home decor, and travel accessories as its spectrums. Replicating the aesthetic Indian ocean, Nicobar provides simple, lasting as well as naturally designed materials. Their Bamboo clothing and organic cotton attires are surely a treat for the eyes.



Breaking the common notion that Ethical and sustainable fashion is just for the ladies in the house, Brown Boys, was launched by Prateek Kayan, leaving behind his settled career in New York. Not only sustainable, but hand printed, PETA approved and organic cool stuff is what one will find at Brown Boy. They have a range of T-shirts, vests, Yoga pants, and sweatshirts for all the boys out there.



A renowned brand with its outlets all over India, Fabindia is bringing back Indian traditional textiles into mainstream fashion. Empowering local artisans, weavers, and communities that are affiliated with textiles in India, this brand is making the youth come face to face with Indian traditions. One of the greatest aspects of Fabindia is that it works towards the sustainable and economic development of the rural communities that are affiliated with textile production.



One of the oldest brands that have been promoting Indian traditional textiles for about 40 years, and has stores all over India. It is based in Jaipur and is a prime promoter of sustainable development and capacity building. The clothing style of this brand is highly chic, versatile, and colorful. Highly popular among the youth, Anokhi promotes traditional handicrafts and empowers the artisans involved in the production of these amazing fabrics. Anokhi, as its name suggests, is indeed unique.



As the name suggests No nasties, does not believe in leaving behind residue, whether it be the production of the clothes, to then packaging them. No nasties vouch to be a sustainable and ethical fashion brand, that is working towards making this world a brighter place. The brand also promotes fair trade which makes it a holistic brand when it comes to ethical fashion. The clothing line of this brand mostly focuses on casualty, which makes it a good option in its niche. 



If there has to exist a perfect implementation of Best out of waste, then it has to be Chola The Label. They create recycled fabrics using post-consumer waste material, using free cutting methods to give the end product of luxurious, high-fashioned silhouettes. The founder Sohaya Misra promises to give the perfect flair, versatility as well as layering to the clothes displaying simplicity at its best.

So, whether it be a small cozy get-together or a lavish party, stand out from the crowd in the most elegant and classy apparel produced without damaging the very environment we are a part of.