5 Best Honey Brands For Your Skin – Pure & Organic

While going through the newspaper today, I came across an article that sort of busted some of the leading brands for honey. The article got published in “The Hindu” and trust me when I say that I was shocked to see brands like Dabur, and Patanjali topping the list of companies that produce sugar syrup instead of honey.

It is supposed to be an organic component that is produced by bees. n animal-based product, it is valuable and results in a lot of health-related, and skincare benefits.

I have grown to believe and have applied the age-old tradition of drinking honey lemon water the first thing in the morning.

But when I encounter articles like these, it torments the image of ‘natural’ and ‘healthy’ products in my head.
So, for you to not make a mistake by getting trapped by the products of these worldwide renowned and yet adulterated brands, I have got some brands for you through which you could buy 100% pure and organic.

So, without any further wait, let’s get started

1. Indigenous Honey, Raw Organic Honey


This product is available on Amazon and guarantees the high quality of honey. The brand is indigenous, and they source their product from their bee farms. They keep their beehives in scientifically curated boxes which are designed just like the natural habitat of the bees. They also ensure that the practice of obtaining from the bees complies with the Good beekeeping practices that are set by the National Bee Board. The company makes sure that the extraction of honey is done keeping in mind the latest technologies and guidelines. The company also ensures that the extraction causes no harm to the bees. The brand offers its customers 100% original honey which is unfiltered, raw, and unpasteurized.

2. Dadev Unprocessed Honey


A product from hive to table, Dadev guarantees a product of exceptional quality. Organic honey is 100% natural and raw. It tastes utterly delicious and also comes in beautiful packaging. Dave, a brand is dedicated to the purity and authenticity of the product. One of the unique features of Dadev’s is that it comes with a high pollen count which gives the honey an exceptional and superior taste. Though the product is priced a bit on the higher end of the honey range, the quality of the product is worth the money. If you are someone for whom honey is a basic need, then this brand is going to serve your purpose along with an amazing tasteful experience. The product is available on Amazon.

3. First Bud Organics Pahadi Honey


A product harvested in the Himalayas, First bud assures that it is 100% natural and is produced keeping the latest techniques and guidelines in mind. This is produced by the highly coveted Apis Cerana Indica honey bee that is indigenous to Uttrakhand. The product comes to you packed in fresh glass bottles with a minimum human touch. Even a spoonful of this would make you remember the delightful forests and the subtleness of the petrichor. A must-have dietary supplement, this is just splendid in every aspect.

4. Safa Raw Wild Honey


A developing brand in the field of organic products, Safa produces that is one of its kind. 100% organic, unadulterated, raw, and unpasteurized, the produced by Safa is recommendable. It is comparatively low in price and provides a delicious taste. It is highly recommended for children and could be used every day to enhance the regular diet. The packaging of the product is light and hassle-free and could be stored and taken anywhere. This product is available on Amazon.

5. Saffola Honey


How many of us knew that Saffola also produces honey? Well!! Not me. Saffola is lab-tested 100% organic and natural. It also emerged victorious when Saffola along with its other 12 counterparts including Patanjali, and Dabur were getting lab-tested for the authenticity of its honey. While 10 out of these 13 brands were claimed to be hoaxes, Saffola came out to be one of the three brands that cleared the test. Saffola is delicious and is also budget-friendly. Hands down one of the best brands present in the grocery store, the product is also available on Amazon.

It has been a crucial part of our diet, but with these new brands emerging and capitalism reaching a new peak, healthy options are turning into unhealthy ones. Thus, it has become imperative in today’s time to be an attentive consumer and do our research work before investing in a product.