Best Lipbalms For This Winter Season

I have personally felt that the issue of chapped lips has always been underestimated, and is highly unrecognized. Chapped lips could lead to bleeding, and even sometimes leave marks on the lips. Chapped lips look unprofessional and show an unorganized behavior in one’s personality.
Winter’s are the worst for people, who have extremely dry lips or have a habit of chewing the lips’ skin. For people like this, lipbalms come in extremely handy and are a life savior in terms of curing these chapped lips.

List Of Some Best Lipbalms In India

So, here I bring to you some of the best lipbalms in India to cure your winter miseries.

1. Vaadi herbals lip balm

Vaadi herbals lip balm

Highly affordable, and compact. This lip balm is great for people who tend to eat up their lip balms. Its effectiveness at a minimal price is what captures its true essence. The lip balm is available in five different fruity variations – orange, strawberry, blueberry, litchi, and mint. Its bio-repair formula that is enriched with almond oil, honey, vitamin E, and fruit extract, helps to repair the skin cells and heals any blunts or scars caused due to the dryness. This lip balm is great for college students who want to cure their chapped lips on a budget.

2. Burt’s Beeswax lip balm

Burt_s bees beeswax lipbalm

Though this lip balm is on the higher side of the price range. But, this lip balm cares for your lips like no other. This lip balm contains the most effective ingredients such as beeswax, lanolin, and vitamin E. This enriching formula gives the lips that plum and nourishment that it requires in winters. The selling point of this lip balm is its guarantee of being 100% natural, paraben-free, and SLS-free. This lip balm is considered to be worth every penny spent on it.

3. Vaseline aloe soothe lip care

vaseline aloe soothe lip care

This lip balm is a blessing for dry, chapped, and cracked lips. The lip balm is developed by a renowned brand vaseline, which acts as an assurance of the product’s quality. The unique aspect of the lip balm is that it comprises 100% aloe vera extract, which not just provides nourishment to the lips, but also helps to heal the cracked skin. A vibrant, compact, and easy application product, it is a must-use product on the list.

4. Vedic line orange lip salve

vedic line orange lip salve

An underestimated product, Vedic line orange lip salve is best for everyday use. It nourishes the skin and provides it with a plum effect. The presence of vitamin C in it helps to improve the texture of the lips and makes the skin look even-toned. An affordable and easy-to-use product. It is best for people who require a product for everyday use and likes to keep their lips moisturized.

5. Lakme lip love

lakme lip love

If you want a lip balm, which also acts as a chapstick, then this is just for you. Lakme lip love has an enriching formula that protects your lips along with a sheer tint of color in this winter season. This lip balm offers your lips 22 hours of complete hydration and a pout-like effect. It is perfect for your winter pout selfies and is available in 6 varied and exciting shades.

6. Blue Heaven lip bomb

blue heave lip bomb

This new product has a spherical container with a twist-off top. Exciting in its packaging, this product is good for traveling and is a favorite among the youth. The product contains 80% natural ingredients like shea butter, canola oil, almond oil, beeswax, and many other enriching substances that hydrates and moisturizes the lips. This lip balm makes the lips gleam with happiness upon its application. It also contains sun-protective agents that come in extremely handy under harsh sunlight. The lip balm is available in exciting flavors and colors. Do check it out.

7. Mama earth natural lip balm

Mamaearth natural lip balm

With a unique combination of olive oil and coconut oil. Mama earth natural lip balm, assures to be cruelty-free and vegan-free in its ideals. With the amazing properties of vitamin E and shea butter, the product helps to lock the nourishment and the hydration and helps to get the utmost benefits of its ingredients. The lip balm is free from harmful toxins, artificial fragrance, and synthetic colors. It is also available in two different variants – strawberry and chocolate. This product is highly recommended for someone who is conscious of the environment and prefers completely natural products.

With the advent of the winter season, it is imperative to take care of your lips. And these amazing lipbalms would do that for you.