Beauty Myths and The Truth Behind Them

Haven’t we all heard about numerous “facts” that turned out be nothing more than just myths. There are end number of myths related to beauty which we all must have heard of, at some point. Well, guess what? Most of them are probably not true and are just common misconceptions. In this blog, we will debunk few of the most common beauty related myths and tell you the actual facts behind them. 

1. Shaving makes the hair grow thicker

This is the most common myth everyone falls for. We all have heard about this at least once or twice and let’s be honest we have all believed it and stayed away from shaving as much as we could. Well, this myth is just a misconception. No scientific study proves that hair growth gets thicker after shaving. Our hair strand is already its thickest at the base and gets thinner at the end. When we shave, the hair is cut off at its thickest part which is why we think that it makes our hair growth thicker. So now you can shave your arms and legs before that much awaited date without worrying.

having makes the hair grow thicker

2. Hair trimmings make the hair growth fast

Raise your hand if your relative aunt said to you “get your hair trimmed, it will make your hair grow faster”. We have all been there, right? So, let us make it very clear that this is also just a myth and most definitely NOT a fact. Hair grows from the scalp and chopping your hair from the ends will not make any difference. However, a deficiency of Vitamin B, zinc and proteins can slow down the hair growth. Even though getting rid of split ends does not affect your hair growth but it does help in making the hair look voluminous and healthier.

3. Makeup is harmful to the skin

Makeup is definitely not harmful for the skin. The only thing which you should avoid at all costs is not removing your makeup before going to sleep. Most of the makeup products contains, UV protection, moisturizer and other protective ingredients but during the night time, it is really important to remove the makeup properly  because our skin also needs to breathe. Hence, don’t hold back on dolling up. Just make sure you remove all your makeup entirely before going to bed.

Makeup is harmful to the skin

4. Plucking grey hair makes them multiply

There is an age-old myth which states that plucking grey hair can multiply its growth. It is not true. Each hair strand grows out of a single follicle and plucking it out can never multiply its growth. It is plausible that the new strand which will grow of that follicle is white/grey too but the chances of the former is next to impossible.

Plucking grey hair makes them multiply

5. You can shrink your pores permanently

Well, as much as we don’t want to take your hopes away, we would still want you to be informed that pores cannot disappear permanently. There are numerous products and therapies which will make them disappear temporarily but not permanently. However, it is always a good idea to take regular clean ups and facials to get rid of clogged pores and to keep your skin healthy and clean.

So, now you are aware about the facts behind some of the most common beauty related myths. Now before you believe anything, might just go through the facts first because most of the myths you will hear will end up being false. For more tip and tricks, keep an eye out on our website or download our app.