4 Nail Art Designs to Blow your Mind

The culture of maintaining nails of varied shapes and using art forms has become really popular. Even 5 years back, there was no sign of nail art form. And now, you will find nail art studios or nail salons at nearly every shopping mall. As the craze of getting nail art is catching up with everyone, let us see some of the trending nail art forms.

  1. Sticker and Decals

These are available in nail art stores and as nail art kits over the internet. It does not take much effort to apply this nail art. Not only are they available in pattern forms, you can also find them with accessories like glitter, jewels and tattoos. 

  1. Sponge Bobbing

This is the basic nail art form that every nail art salon uses. This art form can be achieved with the help of a sponge and good quality nail paints. Before starting, remember to apply a base coat after finishing the process, end it with a top coat (clear nail polish). Below with show the steps to achieve this nail art style.

  1. Taping

In this nail art form, different sizes of tapes are used to bring out an attractive effect. The process is simple as it requires only tapes cut into different shapes. After your nail polish dries out, stick the tapes the way you want the design to come out. Then apply another nail polish color above your taped finger. On drying, remove the tape gently.

  1. Dot nail art

Dot nail art or polka dot technique is a classic nail style preference that most ladies love to put on their fingers. Where expensive dotting tools are used to create this nail style, a number of cheap options are also available to achieve the look. You can use tooth picks, bobby pins (hair pins) and even pen tips to create this effect.

Not just these, but a number of nail art design ideas are available over the internet. Let your imagination fly and use ideas to achieve amazing nail art designs whenever you want.