Zendaya and Tom Holland Complete Relationship Timeline [Update 2024]


Hollywood love stories are always been part of gossip among fans. Zendaya and Tom Holland, co-stars of the Spider-Man Homecoming in 2016. As we know actors always make their relationships private. Zendaya revealed a newfound acceptance of their public life. From Paris adventures to grocery runs, they enjoy it all. “I gotta be cool with it,” she says, “and just live my life.”

Tall Tales said Tom Holland’s girlfriend calls me her ‘little one’ because of our height difference, we’re the North’s Tom Holland and Zendaya. Let’s Explore more about both of them as they 

Relationship Timeline Of Tom Holland and Zendaya

2016: Zendaya & Holland’s Rumored Romance Begins

Zendaya & Holland's Rumored Romance Begins

The year 2016 marked the beginning of it all. Zendaya and Holland were cast as MJ and Spider-Man in the Marvel reboot, Spider-Man: Homecoming. While filming commenced in June, sparking rumors of a connection wasn’t uncommon for young co-stars with sizzling on-screen chemistry.

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2017: Friendship or More? Zendaya and Holland Fuel Dating Rumors on Press Tour

Zendaya and Holland Fuel Dating Rumors on Press Tour

Throughout the Spider-Man: Homecoming press tour in 2017, Zendaya and Holland playfully shut down dating rumors. Zendaya even jokingly tweeted about not vacationing together, to which Holland replied with a cheeky nod to their press tour travels. However, their undeniable rapport and constant laughter during interviews fueled speculation of a deeper bond.

2019-2020: Zendaya Did A Forehead Kiss Of Her Co-Star

Zendaya and Holland’s relationship wasn’t always a given. After the Spider-Man films, sightings suggested they might have explored other connections. In 2019, Zendaya was seen strolling through New York with Euphoria co-star Jacob Elordi, even receiving a friendly kiss on the head. Meanwhile, Holland took to Instagram to make his relationship with British actress Nadia Parkes official.

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July 2021: Zendaya and Tom Holland Kissing In A Car

Zendaya and Tom Holland Kissing In A Car

Zendaya and Holland’s dynamic remained firmly in the friend zone, at least for the public eye. They were seen as co-stars with great on-screen chemistry, but nothing more. Then, paparazzi struck gold with photos capturing the two in a stolen moment of affection – a kiss shared inside a car at a red light. The internet erupted, abuzz with speculation and excitement.

Despite the frenzy, both Zendaya and Holland remained tight-lipped, leaving fans to wait for a much-anticipated official confirmation that wouldn’t come for quite some time.

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September 2021: Zendaya and Tom Holland Confirmation

Zendaya officially declared her love for Holland on Instagram for his birthday. Posting a sweet behind-the-scenes photo from the Spider-Man set, she captioned it with a heartfelt message.

November 2021: A United Front

A United Front Zendaya and tom holland

Tom Holland, in GQ, discussed fame’s downside: no privacy. He expressed frustration, especially with paparazzi photos of him and Zendaya. He respects Zendaya too much to speak for their relationship, calling it “our story” and something they’ll discuss together when they’re ready.

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March 2023: Declarations of Love (Quietly)

Zendaya Spotted in Holland with gold ring

Zendaya sported a new necklace with Holland’s initials, while Holland was spotted with clothing featuring the letter “Z.” These subtle gestures spoke volumes about their affection.

April 2023 – Supportive Partners

Zendaya revealed how Holland supported her through the emotional intensity of filming Euphoria. Holland, in turn, expressed his love and admiration for Zendaya during interviews. They’ve been seen attending events together and enjoying each other’s company.

June 2023 — Tom Holland Hints at Being in Love

Tom Holland joked about his lack of charm in a Buzzfeed interview. Despite this, he hinted at his happiness and being in love, suggesting making movies together helps blur the lines between acting and reality.  He concluded by playfully mentioning he’s “locked up,” implying he’s happy and doesn’t need flirting skills anymore.

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August 2023 – Zendaya Prioritizes Privacy in High-Profile Relationship

In a September Elle interview, Zendaya, known for her role in Euphoria, emphasized the importance of privacy, especially regarding her high-profile relationship. While accepting some aspects of her life will be public, she prioritizes control over what’s shared. It’s about finding a balance between privacy and living authentically.

September 2023 – Zendaya & Tom Date Night at Beyoncé 

Zendaya & Tom Date Night at Beyoncé (1)

Zendaya and Tom Holland turned Beyoncé’s birthday concert into a dazzling date night. The couple, both Virgos, rocked the silver theme at the Los Angeles show, with Zendaya sporting a sparkly silver blazer and shorts.

Zendaya & Tom Date Night at Beyoncé

Fan videos captured their fun: hand-in-hand greetings with fellow celebs and dancing the night away to Queen Bey’s hits. They even aced the now-famous “mute challenge” during “Energy,” proving they were there for both the music and the celebration.

January 2024 – Tom Holland Obsessed with zendaya’s Paris Fashion Week Look

Rocking a dramatic black gown at Schiaparelli’s Paris show, Zendaya stole the spotlight on January 23rd. Tom Holland, clearly smitten, showered her look with heart eyes on social media, even jokingly claiming it was “made for him.

February 2024 – Zendaya Crowns Tom Holland King of Charm on Dune Set

Zendaya dished on the “rizziest” (most charismatic) person on the set of “Dune: Part Two,” and it wasn’t a co-star! In a fun interview, she revealed her pick was her rumored beau, Tom Holland.

Highlighting his outgoing nature, Zendaya praised Holland’s effortless way of connecting with people.  She even admitted her shyness, contrasting it with Tom’s “natural gift.”

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March 2024 – BNP Paribas Open a tennis tournament held in Indian Wells, California


They were spotted enjoying the match courtside. Zendaya sported a tennis-inspired outfit with a white Louis Vuitton ensemble, including a pleated miniskirt and sneakers. Tom Holland wore a casual look with a maroon cardigan and sunglasses. The couple was even captured on the big screen singing and dancing to Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” which played during the match.

April 2024 – Zendaya discusses Tom Holland’s career

Vogue Magazine cover story, Zendaya expresses admiration for how Tom Holland handled the sudden fame that came with his role as Spider-Man in the 2017 Marvel film “Spider-Man: Homecoming.” She acknowledges the different stages in their careers when he received the role – her career was already established, while he skyrocketed overnight. Zendaya highlights Holland’s ability to navigate the drastic life change with grace.  

Upcoming projects Of Zendaya and Tom Holland

Zendaya starred in “Dune: Part Two” and “Challengers,” and Holland appeared in a West End production of “Romeo and Juliet.” Zendaya expresses her pride in Holland’s theatrical work and plans to attend his performances whenever possible.

May 7, 2024: Tom Holland admires Zendaya’s Met Gala look

Tom Holland, absent from the Met Gala 2024 red carpet show but not from girlfriend duties, took to Instagram on May 7th to shower Zendaya with love. Zendaya, who co-chaired the prestigious event, stunned in a royal blue and emerald green Maison Margiela gown. Holland couldn’t resist sharing a photo and showering it with heart-eye emojis.

May 23rd, 2024 – Zendaya and Tom Holland date night

Love and drama filled the London air on May 23rd! “Romeo and Juliet” debut.  She rocked a dramatic, black Vivienne Westwood gown, channeling a modern Juliet with a figure-hugging corset and a flowing skirt. Later, they likely enjoyed a celebratory date night, Zendaya’s sleek black nails contrasting perfectly with her romantic dress. A night of Shakespeare, fashion, and undeniable chemistry.

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Are Zendaya and Tom Holland together?

After years of rumors, Zendaya and Tom Holland sparked romance confirmation in July 2021 when they were photographed sharing a kiss. They later seemingly confirmed their relationship on Instagram in September 2021 with a birthday tribute post from Holland.

Is Zendaya and Tom Holland engaged?

No, Zendaya and Tom Holland are not engaged. There have been rumors due to social media posts, but Zendaya has shut down engagement speculation.

Did Tom Holland have a crush on Zendaya?

Yes, Tom Holland did have a crush on Zendaya. In fact, he revealed it was a childhood crush! In a 2021 interview, he confirmed Zendaya was his celebrity crush on Pop Buzz.

How long have Zendaya and Tom Holland been dating?

Confirming their relationship publicly in July 2021 with photos of them kissing, Zendaya and Tom Holland have been dating for roughly 3 years.

Are Zendaya and Tom Holland dating?

There are many sources like Harpers Bazaar and  Elle who confirm that Zendaya and Tom Holland are dating.

Did Zendaya and Tom Holland break up?

No, Zendaya and Tom Holland are not reported to have broken up. In fact, they were seen together in May 2024 attending Tom’s play opening.

What is Zendaya and Tom Holland’s height?

Zendaya’s height is 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 meters) and Tom Holland is 5 feet 8 inches (1.69 meters). Zendaya is 2 inches taller than Tom Holland.