Wearing a Face Mask to Avoid Coronavirus Infection – Make it All About the Eyes


The ongoing coronavirus (labeled COVID-19 by the WHO) outbreak is wreaking havoc on mankind and the condition is only getting worse with time. Centered in mainland China, the epidemic is spreading across the world like wildfire, killing hundreds of people globally while leaving thousands of others seriously sick. No wonder, the fear of getting infected by coronavirus has sent millions of individuals scrambling for face masks like never before. Just in case you happen to be one of them, then this piece of write-up is for you.

Touted as personal protective equipment, face masks serve as the first line of defense against germs and infections. However, wearing it continuously for hours can have adverse effects on the skin, if one is not careful. Fortunately, though, there are some easy and effective solutions that you can follow to keep your face fresh, clean, and problem-free.

1. Follow a Healthy Skincare Routine

The masks (when you wear them for long periods) suck moisture out of the skin, leaving it dry and irritated. Hence, for obvious reasons, it is more than just a mere necessity to have hyaluronic acid-based serums, moisturizers, and creams in your makeup kit to add that extra nourishment to your facial skin.

The products with hyaluronic acid go a long way in maintaining the moisture level, making your skin look and feel fresh. Also, it is wise of you to take the mask out at regular intervals and put on some moisture mists onto your face to keep dullness and dryness at bay.

2. Set the Tone Right with the Right Foundation

A good quality foundation is a must-have makeup essential, especially when you’re prepping your skin to battle surgical masks. Besides perfecting your skin tone, the foundation provides an additional layer, protecting it from those unwanted marks and rashes. Applying an even layer of waterproof foundation with translucent powder on top is one easy way to get the job done.

3. Eyes Deserve Your Utmost Attention, Literally

While wearing a surgical mask, eyes (and of course, your forehead) is the only visible part, which means shying away from beautifying it is not an option for you. Trendy eyeliner followed by a coat of mascara can work wonders in accentuating the overall look and feel. And yes, when the talk is about the eyes, eyebrows deserve a special mention. Try using some quality blow fluffer followed by a pencil to cover the sparse areas. Apply a coat of clear brow gels to hold the arches in place.

4. Include a Detailed Lip Service in Your To-Do List

While wearing a face mask, you may not be able to flaunt the latest lip gloss. However, that doesn’t mean you ignore the lips. Having lip balms with healthy, nourishing agents such as shea butter, Vitamin E, and essential oils can ease the process for you.

5. Don’t Miss Out on a Good Sunscreen When Going Out

Going make-up-free is a very common tendency among girls who usually wear the mask and likely so. However, sunscreen is one inevitable item that you shouldn’t skip when leaving your home. A good sunscreen adds a protective layer to block out the harmful ultraviolet rays and safeguards the exposed area.