Siren Eyes: 2024’s Viral TikTok Trend Explained in Detail


Hey everyone! It’s your girl Priyanka, and guess what? It’s my birthday! To celebrate, I’m ditching the usual makeup routine and going to try the hottest trend taking over TikTok the glam world of Siren Eyes.

But where did this trend come from? Siren eyes are a modern take on the iconic 90s supermodel makeup looks. Celebs like Bella Hadid and Megan Fox have been rocking variations of this eye makeup for years, but thanks to TikTok, it’s become a full-fledged trend with over 536 million views under the #sireneyes hashtag.

If you haven’t heard of it yet, the Siren Eye look is all about elongated, dramatic eyeliner that creates a captivating and mysterious vibe. Think of it as the chic, modern upgrade to the classic smokey eye. It’s perfect for a night out, a special occasion (like, ahem, birthdays!), or just when you want to feel like the ultimate boss babe.

Throughout this post, I’ll be taking you on a deep dive into the world of Siren Eye. We’ll cover everything you need to know, from what exactly makes this look so special to how to achieve it yourself, even if you’re a makeup newbie.

So, grab your eyeliner, get ready to unleash your inner siren, and let’s create a birthday look that’ll turn heads!

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What are Siren Eyes

Siren Eyes refers to a makeup technique that creates a seductive and alluring look, reminiscent of the mythical sirens known for their enchanting beauty. This style focuses on elongating the eyes with precise, bold lines and often includes a sharp winged eyeliner to enhance the outer corners, giving the eyes a lifted and elongated appearance.

What Eye Shapes Work Best for the Siren Eye Look?

Almond eyes are ideal for siren eyes because they naturally have an elongated shape, making the eyeliner application effortless. The liner simply follows the existing curve for a stunning effect. But fret not! The beauty of the siren eye is its versatility. They can flatter any eye shape with a few adjustments during application. So go forth and create your gorgeous siren eye look!

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Products and Techniques Of Siren Eyes

To achieve the perfect siren eye, you’ll need a good eyeliner (pencil or gel work best), eyeshadow for blending, and a highlighter to accentuate the inner corners. There are tons of tutorials on TikTok itself, but if you’re new to the look, search for “siren eye makeup tutorial” and you’ll find plenty of easy-to-follow guides.

What Do Siren Eyes Look Like

Siren Eyes are characterized by:

  • Elongated Shape: The eyes appear longer and more almond-shaped.
  • Dramatic Eyeliner: Bold, precise lines that extend beyond the natural lash line.
  • Smoky Shadow: Often includes a smoky eyeshadow to add depth and intensity.
  • Winged Corners: Sharp, winged eyeliner that enhances the outer corners.

This look exudes confidence and mystery, making it perfect for those who want to make a bold statement with their makeup.

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Meet Our Experts That Guide How to Create Siren Eyes Looks

  • Makeup By Marian: This makeup artist, known as @makeupbymarianna on TikTok, has a fantastic siren eye tutorial that’s perfect for beginners.
  • Wayne Goss: This celebrity makeup artist, active under the username @gossmakeupartist, offers a more advanced take on siren eyes, perfect for those who want to master the technique.
  • Mikayla Nogueira: This beauty influencer, known as @mikaylanogueira on TikTok, showcases a glamorous siren eye look that incorporates shimmer and glitter, ideal for a birthday night out.

How to Do Siren Eyes

Achieving the Siren Eyes look involves a few key steps:

1. Prepare Your Eyelids

Start by applying a primer or concealer on your eyelids to create a smooth base. This helps your eyeshadow adhere better and appear more vibrant.

2. Choose Your Eyeshadow Colors

Opt for shades that enhance your eye color and complement your skin tone. Siren eyes often involve deep, rich colors like emerald green, navy blue, or deep purple. You can also incorporate shimmer or metallic shades for added allure.

3. Apply Eyeshadow

Use a lighter shade as a base color on your eyelid, applying it from the lash line to the crease. Then, use a darker shade on the outer corner and crease to add depth and drama. Blend the colors seamlessly to avoid harsh lines.

4. Define Your Eyes

Line your upper lash line with a black or dark brown eyeliner to define your eyes. For a more dramatic look, create a winged eyeliner effect. You can also apply a small amount of the darker eyeshadow shade along your lower lash line for balance.

5. Finish with Mascara

Apply several coats of mascara to your upper and lower lashes to make your eyes pop. Consider using a lengthening or volumizing mascara for added impact.

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Optional: Complete your siren eye look with false eyelashes for extra drama and intensity.

Remember to practice and adjust the intensity of colors based on your preferences and the occasion. Enjoy experimenting with different eyeshadow combinations to find the perfect siren eye look that suits you!

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The Siren Eyes makeup trend continues to dominate in 2024, offering a bold and captivating way to transform your look. By following the steps outlined above, you can master this alluring style and make a statement wherever you go.

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What does it mean to have siren eyes? 

Having Siren Eyes means your eye makeup creates a seductive, elongated, and dramatic look, often associated with allure and mystery.

How do I know if I have siren eyes? 

You have Siren Eyes if your eye makeup emphasizes sharp, elongated shapes with bold eyeliner, creating a captivating and seductive appearance.

What are siren eyes or doe eyes? 

Siren Eyes are seductive and dramatic, focusing on elongated shapes and bold lines. Doe Eyes are innocent and wide-eyed, featuring rounded shapes and soft makeup.

What Are Doe Eyes and Siren Eyes

While both are beautiful eye shapes, siren eyes aim for an elongated, lifted effect, while doe eyes appear large and round with a softer, more innocent look.

Doe Eyes typically feature:

Rounded Shape: Eyes appear larger and rounder.
Soft Eyeliner: Minimal, if any, winged eyeliner.
Brightening: Light, shimmery eyeshadows to open up the eyes.
Curled Lashes: Emphasis on curling the lashes to enhance the doe-eyed effect.

What is the personality of a siren eye? 

The personality of a Siren Eye is confident, mysterious, and alluring. This makeup look exudes boldness and a captivating presence.

What are siren eyes in seduction? 

In seduction, Siren Eyes creates a mesmerizing and enchanting gaze, drawing attention and conveying a sense of mystery and allure.

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