12 Most Popular Short Beard Styles For Men in 2024 You Need to Try


Welcome to the ultimate guide on short beard styles for men in 2024! With over 15 years of experience in the grooming industry, I’ve seen trends come and go, but short beard styles have consistently remained a favorite among men. They offer a versatile, stylish, and low-maintenance option that suits various face shapes and personal styles. Whether you’re new to the beard game or looking to refresh your current look, here are the top 12 short beard styles you need to try this year.

1. Short Stubble Beard


The Classic Stubble, also known as the three-day stubble beard, is celebrated for its effortless yet stylish appearance among Short Beard Styles. To achieve this look, simply shave your face clean and allow your beard to grow for three to four days. This style is particularly advantageous for those with thin or patchy beard growth, providing a rugged and masculine aesthetic. 

Short Stubble Beard

For maintenance, investing in a beard trimmer with a two mm guard is essential. This tool ensures consistent stubble length without the need for frequent shaving, making it a convenient choice for men seeking a consistently sharp appearance.

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2. Circle beard


The Circle Beard, a popular choice among mens short beard styles, combines a neatly trimmed mustache with a rounded beard that encompasses the mouth and chin area. This style offers a balanced and polished look, suitable for various face shapes. It’s versatile enough to be customized to personal preference, whether you prefer a fuller or more defined appearance. 

Circle beard

Maintenance involves regular grooming to keep the edges clean and maintain its symmetrical shape, making it a timeless option for men looking to enhance their facial features with a sophisticated yet approachable beard style.

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3. Ducktail beard

Ducktail Beard

The ducktail beard, characterized by its full, rounded shape that tapers to a point, has gained popularity among celebrities for its stylish and rugged appeal. Celebrities like Hugh Jackman, Chris Pine, and Chris Hemsworth have been spotted sporting this beard style, often enhancing their rugged charm and masculinity. Its versatility allows it to complement various face shapes, making it a favored choice among actors and musicians alike.

Ducktail Beard Styles

The ducktail beard’s ability to blend sophistication with a hint of nonconformity has contributed to its status as a fashionable choice in modern grooming trends, resonating particularly well within celebrity circles.

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4. Goatee Beard


The Goatee Beard is a classic and stylish choice among short beard styles for black guys, known for its versatility and sharp aesthetic. This style typically features hair on the chin and often includes a mustache, providing a defined and angular look that complements various face shapes. 

Goatee Beard

It’s particularly popular among men seeking a distinctive facial hair style that balances sophistication with a touch of edginess. The Goatee Beard requires regular trimming to maintain its shape and neat appearance, making it a timeless option for those looking to enhance their facial features with a well-groomed beard style.

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5. Balbo Beard


The Balbo Beard is a stylish and distinctive choice characterized by a combination of a mustache and a separate, well-defined beard on the chin. This beard style, named after Italian politician Italo Balbo, offers a sophisticated and masculine appearance that suits various face shapes. 

Balbo Beard

It’s particularly favored for its ability to add structure and definition to the jawline, making it a popular choice among men who seek a polished yet rugged look. Regular grooming is essential to maintain the clean lines and sharp edges that define the Balbo Beard, ensuring a confident and well-maintained appearance.

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6. Van Dyke Beard


The Van Dyke Beard is a classic and distinguished choice among short beard styles for men, characterized by a combination of a pointed beard and a disconnected mustache. Named after the 17th-century Flemish painter Anthony Van Dyck, this beard style offers a timeless and sophisticated appearance. 

Van Dyke Beard

It is particularly popular for its ability to add a sense of flair and individuality to the wearer’s look. The Van Dyke Beard requires regular grooming to maintain its distinct shape and definition, making it a preferred option for men looking to express their personal style with a refined and well-maintained facial hair choice.

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7. Anchor Beard


The Anchor Beard is a stylish and modern beard style that resembles the shape of an anchor. It typically features a trimmed, pointed beard that extends along the jawline and a connected mustache. This beard style is known for its sharp and defined appearance, making it a popular choice among men who want to add structure and definition to their facial features. 

Anchor Beard

The Anchor Beard is versatile and suits various face shapes, offering a balance between a groomed look and a touch of ruggedness. Regular trimming and maintenance are essential to keep the lines clean and sharp, ensuring a polished and confident appearance.

8. Short Viking Beard

Short Viking Beard styles

The Short Viking Beard is a professional short beard style that draws inspiration from Viking heritage while maintaining a modern, groomed appearance. This beard style typically features a short, well-maintained beard with slightly longer hair on the chin, resembling the traditional Viking beard shape. 

Short Viking Beard

It is characterized by its rugged yet polished look, making it suitable for professional settings where a blend of strength and sophistication is desired. The Short Viking Beard complements various face shapes and requires regular grooming to maintain its defined lines and tidy appearance, ensuring a confident and stylish look for the modern man.

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9. Short Beardstache


The Short Beardstache is a contemporary beard style that combines a prominent mustache with a shorter, well-trimmed beard. This style is characterized by its bold and distinct appearance, offering a balance between the masculinity of a full mustache and the refinement of a shorter beard. The Short Beardstache is versatile and suits various face shapes, providing a modern and edgy look that stands out. 

Short Beardstache

Regular grooming is essential to maintain the desired length and shape of both the mustache and beard, ensuring a sharp and confident appearance. It’s a popular choice among men looking to showcase their facial hair in a stylish and sophisticated manner.

10. Chin Strap Beard


A “Chin Strap Beard” refers to a facial hair style. Where the beard extends along the jawline and under the chin, resembling a strap that goes around the face. This style typically involves shaving or closely trimming the cheeks and sideburns while leaving a narrow strip of beard along the jawline and chin. 

Chin Strap Beard

It often emphasizes the angular shape of the face and can vary in thickness and length depending on personal preference. Celebrities have popularized the chin strap beard style, making it a bold and defining choice in men’s grooming.

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11. Patchy Beard

Patchy Beard

A “patchy beard” refers to facial hair growth. That is uneven or sparse in certain areas, often resulting in an incomplete or inconsistent beard appearance. This condition is common among men and can be influenced by genetics, hormonal factors, and grooming habits. 

Patchy Beard Style

People with patchy beards may experience frustration in achieving a full, uniform beard. Grooming techniques like trimming and styling can help manage the appearance. Some may opt for beard growth products or even beard transplantation for more permanent solutions.

12. The Royal Beard

The Royal Beard

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The Royal Beard style

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Tips for Maintaining Short Beard Styles

Maintaining short beard styles for men involves regular trimming and grooming. Here are some tips to keep your beard looking sharp:

  1. Trim Regularly: Use a good quality trimmer to maintain the length and shape of your beard.
  2. Keep It Clean: Wash your beard regularly with a mild beard shampoo.
  3. Moisturize: Use beard oil to keep your beard soft and your skin hydrated.
  4. Define the Lines: Pay attention to the cheek and neckline for a clean look.
  5. Brush Daily: Use a beard brush to keep your beard neat and free of tangles.

Why Choose Short Beard Styles?

Short beard styles are incredibly versatile and suit various face shapes and lifestyles. They are easier to maintain compared to longer beards. And can be styled to suit both casual and professional settings. Whether you’re a busy professional or someone who enjoys a laid-back look, there’s a short beard style for you.


Short beard styles for men are not just a trend; they are a timeless choice that offers both style and convenience. From the classic stubble to the more intricate anchor beard, there’s a style to suit every man. So, if you’re looking to update your look in 2024, try one of these popular short beard styles. And transform your appearance with ease.

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What is the most attractive short beard length?

Studies suggest that a beard length of around 10mm (or roughly 3/8ths of an inch) may be attractive. As attractive by some people. It falls within the short beard category and offers a balance between stubble and a longer beard.

Does a short beard look good?

Yes, short beards look good. They’re versatile, easy to maintain, and can add definition to your jawline. Whether it’s the most attractive style depends on your face shape and personal preference.

Does short beard make you look younger?

Yes, a short beard can often make someone look younger by adding definition to the jawline and masking any baby-faced features. It can also create a more mature appearance, depending on how well it suits the person’s face shape and style

How to style a short beard for men?

Short beard styles can be sculpted by:

  • Trimming sideburns: This helps define the jawline and create a sharper look.
  • Growing out goatees: A slightly fuller goatee can add definition to the chin area.
  • Creating sharp lines: Defined edges around the beard and neckline enhance a clean and polished appearance.

Which beard suits on short hair?

Short hairstyles like short back and sides, pompadours, or buzz cuts all pair perfectly with long beards for a trendy, contrasting look.