Maternity Beauty According To Celebrities – Is It Even Achievable?


Motherhood is a roller coaster ride of happiness, sleepless nights, giggles, memories, and more. All bundled up into a 2-3 kg tiny human being. This wide range of emotions that a mother goes through during her pregnancy days is known to be widely diverse for different individuals. Apart from the emotional surge, a woman’s body goes through massive physical changes during this delicate phase in their lives. From bloating to morning sickness, a woman bears it all for the well-being of her child with a smile on her face. This cherished time is often reflected through maternity clothes, accessories, beauty, hair, and more. From gender reveal parties to photoshoots, mothers have embraced their personal style with much more ease in current times. Long gone are the days of loose baggy and shapeless clothes. Celebrities who have recently embraced motherhood have also played a huge role in this. Maternity beauty is certainly no easy task.

However, the perfectly blow-dried hair, radiant glowing skin with spotless makeup, and perfectly done nails; how much of this is actually real? Are the “new mommies” of tinsel town setting unrealistic expectations for other moms-to-be? Today, let’s have a look into some of the maternity fashion and beauty rituals according to celebrities. 

1. Kareena Kapoor Khan’s “Pre-natal” Yoga 

Kareena Kapoor Khan’s “Pre-natal” Yoga 

A heavily pregnant Kareena Kapoor Khan opted for “pre-natal” yoga to improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, and decrease lower back pain. With picture-perfect skin and flawless hair, Kareena posed for a photo shoot with ease. However, the big question is how achievable or real this whole procedure really is. Contrary to Bollywood stars, an average individual will often be skeptical and have a host of issues to think about before opting for something as fancy as “pre-natal” yoga. A good stretch or a brief walk is often achievable but full-blown yoga for pregnant women seems a little gimmicky. Considering the current times, women suffer from a lot of issues like infertility, PCOS, Retroverted Uterus, and more. This in itself serves as a huge wake-up call for celebrities to be mindful of the practices that they advertise and throw in a word of caution for the viewers. How far would you go to achieve maternity beauty like celebrities? Would you be willing to try “pre-natal” yoga, like kareena? 

2. Gabriella Demetriades Lost her Baby Weight Within 11 Days Post-delivery

Gabriella Demetriades lost her baby weight within 11 days post-delivery  

Gabriella Demetriades welcomed a baby boy named Arik Rampal with partner Arjun Rampal. She has been in the news for some very “controversial” beauty and fitness statements. According to the model turned designer, it was possible to shed all of her baby weight just within “11 days” post-delivery because she kept eating in moderation, moving, working out 5 days a week, and doing pelvic floor yoga. This statement created quite a stir in the industry. It is almost physically impossible for a majority of women to lose weight after pregnancy. It has been statistically found that a lot of women fall into post-partum depression and anxiety. They just can’t relate to their bodies anymore due to the unnecessary shaming, advice, and extreme bloating with pain. Was it okay for the South-African model cum designer to have made such a statement? We would leave that up to our readers to decide.   

3. Lisa Haydon’s Maternity Beauty Bump-Show in a Bath-Tub 

Lisa Haydon Lalwani’s bump show in a bikini and bath-tub

The gorgeous supermodel and actress Lisa Haydon is the mom of two adorable boys and one baby girl, named Lara. She had stirred up the heat while posing in some stunning swimwear on the cover of various fashion magazines while pregnant with her sons – Zack and Leo. She also flaunted her bump in a bathtub while posting a picture on the popular social media app Instagram. While the glitz, glamour and picture-perfect pregnancy phase might look “aesthetically” perfect, how real is all of this? Maternity beauty is a huge concept that has been misleading for a long time. A lot of expectant mothers look up to such celebrities for fashion and style inspiration. It is high time that the actresses took some responsibility to show the real side of motherhood. Complete with all the tears, hormonal acne, heartburns, back pain, food cravings, and more. Is the glamourized version of maternity shoots, beauty regimes, etc. a bit too much to throw into our faces? We leave that up to all the expectant mothers to decide.

4. Anushka Sharma’s Head-stand (Shirshasana) During Pregnancy

Anushka Sharma’s head-stand (Shirshasana) during pregnancy 

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are proud parents to baby girl Vamika, whose face is yet to be revealed by her protective parents. During Anushka’s pregnancy days she was spotted doing a pretty advanced level of headstand, which is also known as Shirshasana. This complicated exercise can be highly fatal for both the mother and child if not done correctly. Virat Kohli was seen supporting Anushka while she leaned on the wall. While many doctors often ask women to stay fit and do little exercise from time to time during their pregnancy, these kinds of over-the-top, high-risk yoga postures can go really wrong with just a gentle tug, pull or stretch. Is it okay for celebrities to promote exercises like these? We would love to know your thoughts on this.

5. Shilpa Shetty Kundra’s “Maternity beauty” Diet Plan to Lose “Post-pregnancy” Weight 

Shilpa Shetty Kundra’s diet plan to loose “post-pregnancy” weight

Shetty Kundra’s personal advice to all the new moms-to-be was to create a “holistic lifestyle” which included brown carbs, olive oil, walking, and cycling, at least 3 times a week. Strict diet and exercise should also be a part of the post-pregnancy weight loss program as instructed by the Bollywood actress. However, as many young moms breastfeed their children, it is often advised by doctors to take it slow and not rush and put one’s body through extreme pressure and stress. Maternity beauty is a sensitive topic that should be dealt with cautioun before preaching to the public. Nutrition and good food are important for both the mother and child and hence extreme diet plans and rigid exercises should be done with caution and under the guidance of an expert. Do you think celebrities should be more mindful of what they preach? 



Motherhood is a beautiful emotion and experience that women go through. This stage includes a lot of positive and negative changes in a mother’s life, routine, and overall health and wellbeing. The celebrities of tinsel town have promoted maternity beauty, fashion, tips, and tricks over time, but people have been really divided over its practical usage and application in real life. We leave it up to our Zoylee readers and mothers all around to decide if these “celebrity-approved” maternity hacks are worth trying out.