Health Stories that your Nails Reveal


Beautiful hands and feet reveal a beautiful personality. Manicured fingers, bright nail polish, and supple skin projects a healthy living. However, you may sometimes find a bump, a rippling, or even a touch of yellow on your nails. Most of us see such indications and neglect it to be a normal thing. But are you really listening to what your nails say about your health? Not often. 

Here are some of such nail health indicators that reveal a lot about our nails and their relation to health issues. 

1. Split or Cracked Nails

Even the brightest nail polishes cannot create the ‘oh-so-wow effect if your nails are split or have cracks on them. This generally happens when your nails are brittle. One of the general deficiencies for such a result is less calcium content in your body. Added to it, the thyroid is also another reason.

2. Yellow Nails

A yellowish hue with the cracked/ split nails often reveals the possibility of your nail bed suffering from a fungal infection. If the infection starts getting worse, that may thicken your nails, finally leading to nail crumbling. 

3. Bluish Nails

A slight tint of blue indicates that the body is deprived of the correct amount of oxygen required for the body. Lung problems like emphysema (shortness of breath) or heart issues are some common reasons for this nail trouble. 

4. Splotchy White Nails

On a careful look at such nails, you will find that the rims are darker compared to the nail bed. Such nails indicate problems related to the liver. The lunula or ‘little nail’ structure indicates health issues like hepatitis. 

Nail Health Chart to Follow Diligently

When you can finally understand what do your nails say about your health, immediately start taking care of it. 

1. Practice Nail Hygiene

Stop using blunt nail cutters to clip your nails. Trim the nails straight, then round the nail tips. Do not chew your nails nor the skin around them.

2. Keep your Fingernails Clean

Clean and dry nails prevent the growth of bacteria. Always file your nails after cutting them. Working with water for a longer duration is one of the causes of split nails. To avoid cracked nails, wear rubber gloves when washing utensils or cleaning your house. 

3. Moisturize your Nail

Nail color and health can be regained if it is covered with a layer of a good moisturizer. 

4. Additional Care

Several dead sea minerals hands & nails creams are available in the market that helps prevent such adverse conditions of nails. Another way to help keep your nails in a healthy condition is to use acetone-free nail removers. 

Dead sea minerals nail cream

Before it is too late, recognize these nail health signs with proper nails and health-related aspects to them. Maintain a proper diet as well as take good care of your nails. Visit reputed salons and book for a nail pampering session to notice a remarkable change.