Bid Adieu Summers with these 4 Rejuvenating Spas


Who doesn’t crave a luxurious time spent in a spa, especially on a summer day? The mental image of a spa session always brings a sense of relief to the tired body. Here is a guide to choosing the perfect spa type to cool yourself off this summer.

1. Hot Stone Spa 

This massage includes the use of smooth, heated stones. The rocks used for this spa are from the shores of the Basalt River. The stone placement is generally focused on areas that energetically balance the body and mind. 

This spa involves Swedish massage therapy techniques that include kneading and rolling and the use of long strokes. A hot stone massage is good for:

  • Relieving stress and anxiety
  • Ease muscle pain
  • Healthy sleep promotion
  • Boosts immunity

2. Thai Spa

The name itself awakes a series of mental images related to relaxation and hours of pampering. Often referred to as lazy person’s yoga, Thai massage involves rocking, pulling, and stretching techniques to:

  • Calm the nervous system
  • Stimulate lymphatic drainage
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Relieve joint and muscle pain
  • Reduce chronic and subacute non-specific back pain

3. Aromatherapy

The use of scented essential oils as spa therapy has caught the fancy of the current generation. This spa type focuses on body relaxation and emotional healing with varied essential oils like:

  • Relieve stress – Lavender, chamomile, geranium
  • Depression and Anxiety – Jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang
  • Skin condition Improvement – Bergamot, tea tree, jojoba

4. Body Wraps

A number of ingredients like fruit or vegetable extracts, chocolate, mud, and clay, are used for creating a body wrap. The rejuvenating and ‘oh so wonderful’ process involves the application of any one of the mentioned ingredients throughout the body and wrapping the area with a soft cotton cloth. The nutrients of the ingredient penetrate into the skin and effectively flush out toxins. 

Body wraps are an excellent spa option that opens the pores of the body to absorb more oxygen, repair damaged skin cells, and helps lose weight (a considerable amount).

As all these spa types look inviting, it will be really difficult for you to resist the temptation of choosing one.