Step-by-Step Guide For Wedding Bridal Makeup


If we ask you to choose one special day for your makeup to cooperate with the active lens of cameras all around, you will likely pick your WEDDING DAY. If you are here for the same, firstly, heartiest congratulations on your big day! We understand how some women don’t prefer artists composing their wedding bridal makeup. And we must say it’s a brave decision.

Bridal makeup can be challenging as you want to go for bling but don’t want to look like a disco ball.

To get the best bridal makeup, use evening-proof products because wedding is a long event.  Don’t want to mess it up? Zoylee has curated a step-by-step guide and gathered some tips to help you with your Dulhan Makeup.

So gorgeous ladies, below is the bridal makeup step-by-step, read it as you style your hair for the day!

CTM Process Is A Must

Face Cleansing

CTM means Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing. The first step to preparing your skin for any makeup is face cleansing. Clean your face with your regular cleanser and use a toner for the tightened skin. Lastly, moisturize it well to prevent post-makeup dryness.

Prime Start With A Primer

Prime Start with a Primer

To get a perfect wedding indian bridal makeup, always apply a layer of primer as the base. It closes all the pores of your skin, which gives maximum coverage to your makeup and increases its stay on the face.

Conclude Under-Eye

Conclude Under-Eye


Once the skin prep is done, work on your under-eye bags. Most women have dark circles that steal away the magic of bridal eye makeup if not taken care of properly. Color correct your face and conceal it according to your tone.

Fulfiling Foundation Base

Fulfiling Foundation Base

Ladies, be finally ready to step into the bridal makeup, as with foundation, it begins. Pick an anti-aging foundation that suits your skin tone with sun protection qualities, just in case. Else you can even use makeup setting spray on your blender before using the product. This locks the foundation on the face

Camera-proof Concealer

Camera-proof Concealer

Don’t forget to conceal the cheekbone, nose, or blemishes on your face. It provides a facade to your face with that perfect dreamy spot-free look. For severe acne and redness issues, red and green color correctors do a great job.

Brows on Fleek

Brows on Fleek


The magic lies in eyebrow sticks. Use one to fill in your brows and shape them as you desire. Always remember, fine brows are a real hit.

Catchy Bridal Eye Makeup

Eye Catching Eye Makeup

A standard procedure to achieve the perfect bridal eye makeup is the chronology; light, dark, and glitter eye shadow. Start with a lighter shade on the outer crease of your eyes, blend that with a darker shade towards the inner corner, and finalize it with a glitter shade in the middle.

Putting on a fake lash is totally your choice, but remember to secure it with a good pair of glue so that it doesn’t ditch you amid your wedding. Apply mascara to add volume to your lashes.

Banana Powder

Banana Powder

Now, to prolong the stay of your makeup, apply some banana powder or setting powder, and let it sit on your face before brushing it off.

Captivating Contour

Captivating Contour

Sculpturing your face with a contouring stick brings out the best shape of it including; the jawline, cheekbones, nose, forehead, and chin. If you don’t possess a contouring stick, darker tones of concealers also do the trick.

Legendary of all- Lipstick

Legendary of all- Lipstick


Every woman has a different taste in lipsticks, and the procedure of its application also varies from woman to woman.

If you prefer outlining your lips first, then always choose a similar shade to what you will apply on the rest of your lips. If you are not a fan of lipliners, then you can directly go for the respective lipstick.

Zoylee Tip– Always apply a similar skin tone of concealer or foundation to your lips before applying lipsticks. It holds the lipstick well and the color flourishes even more.

Blush & Highlight: Bride’s Ultimate Preference

Blush & Highlight: Bride’s Ultimate Preference

Mark your day with a pink blush followed by drops of liquid highlighter on your cheeks, nose, chin, and cupid’s bow. 

Lastly, finish off your bridal makeup with a makeup setting spray to increase its longevity. And VOILA! Our stunning bride is ready to steal the charm.

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Things To Avoid With Your Bridal Makeup

No Hands-on Makeup Practice

Trials play a crucial role in events as important as a wedding. And if it’s about you doing your makeup, you should make sure of what goes on your face. If you want the best bridal makeup, don’t mess up your big day by skipping the trials, and start practicing a month or two before your wedding.

Letting Your Peers Take Control Of Makeup

Women often dream of getting married on the same day as their best friends or getting each other ready for the big day. However, don’t let your emotions allow them to take control of your makeup. They must be one gem of a friend, but in the end, they don’t know your requirements and might think of it as one of those parties they got you ready for.

Trying New Bridal Makeup On Your Own

Your life gives you plenty of opportunities to try new looks, such as Halloween, but you must never add your wedding day to the list. You don’t have to follow the trend to look beautiful at your wedding, that’s all a hoax. In the name of looking hotter, you shouldn’t underestimate simple bridal makeup. Do what you have been doing because how you feel is important, not how you look.

Too Much Glitters and Shimmers

How true is “not all glitter is gold.” A wedding is all about bling only to an extent where it looks face and camera friendly. Once you put excess glitter and shimmer on your face, it appears extraordinarily shining particles that ruin your photos. Natural bridal makeup does wonders in itself.

Wearing Water-Sensitive Makeup

A wedding is a long day with multiple rituals, unlimited eating, and non-stop dancing. Sweating, followed by such a schedule, naturally is a must. And if you mistakenly wear water-sensitive makeup, it will all float away with the sweat. So, make sure to wear waterproof makeup for a better stay and full enjoyment.

BONUS TIP– Now that you have completed the guide and read all the necessary tips you should know before your wedding, if something makes you unsure about doing your wedding bridal makeup, then refer to Zoylee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do my Own Bridal Makeup?

YES! You can definitely do your own bridal makeup assuring yourself that you won’t turn your face into a disaster. Just follow the step-by-step bridal makeup tips, and you’re good.

How Much Should I Charge for Brides Makeup?

The prices of brides makeup vary from service to service, but the starting range can be anywhere in between 15,000 INR to 30,000 INR per wedding event.

Which type of makeup is best for bridal?

Silicon-based makeup is the best bridal makeup for brides. It is lightweight and gives the perfect finish to the face.

What is the best price for bridal makeup?

The basic charges for the makeup start from INR 15000. The best price can be between INR 20000 to INR 50000 depending upon the artist, their experience, and skills.

How much does bridal makeup cost in Delhi?

The bridal makeup cost in Delhi is based on the type of makeup you choose. The charges start from INR 15000 and go up to even lakhs.

What is the trend for Indian bridal makeup 2023?

In 2023, skin-like dewy finish makeup is preferred by the brides. This makeup gives a fresh look and is comfortable on skin.