Best Bridal Makeup Tips 2021

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A woman whose smile is open and whose expression is glad has a kind of beauty no matter what she wears.


Hey guys, woohoo! Summer’s here, and so is the season for weddings. But, wait, summer means all the sweat is taking away your radiance while your makeup simply becomes a burden instead of beauty. To help you look like a bride everyone dreams of, Zoylee has curated the best bridal makeup tips for you. Gone are the days when women used to load their faces with layers of makeup. These days products that we use have become weightless and so have our makeup tactics as well. Minimalist bridal makeup is the new fashion statement of 2021. Dia Mirza’s wedding has been a great example and a hot topic of discussion among Bollywood enthusiasts and all planning for a lavish wedding within budget. 

So, giddy up because we’re about to give you a makeover that’ll bring your favorite fairytale true without costing you your skin.

Bridal Makeup Tips #1- Don’t ditch the season! 

Take into consideration the season and the weather. You don’t want to go heavy on a summer day because it’s going to be all sweaty. So, depending upon the season, you can plan your bridal makeup look and go flawless for hours. Similarly, monsoon brides should go for water-proof bridal makeup that can beat the humidity while staying intact throughout. Ready to shine yet? There’s more! 

Tip#2- Prepare the right way. 

Here’s another pro-tip for you. If you’re a bride with sensitive skin or concerned about the side effects of your bridal makeup, here’s what you need to do!. Heard about the famous ‘Before bridal makeup C-T-M session’? The trio of cleanser, toner, and moisturizer can do wonders to prep your skin for all the hard work and help remove the unnecessary texture from your face. This activity is always recommended to be done a day before the big day. 

Tip#3- Get the base right. 

Artists always prepare the base before creating a masterpiece. You’re a ‘soon-to-become masterpiece yourself. That’s why it’s absolutely important for you to create a great base. Select the correct shade of foundation that looks natural on your skin. It’s time to blur out your open pores, lighten those

annoying blemishes, and get your time even. But yeah, don’t forget to squeeze some primer before you put a layer of your foundation. 

Tip#4- Emphasize your eyes. 

Your eyes are probably the most expressive feature of your face. What you can’t express through words, your eyes do it beautifully well. They deserve some extra traction. Begin by getting rid of the puffiness, eye bags, sleepiness with a facial roller. To make your eyes look welcoming and fresh, use some eye serum. Apply a base coat on the lids also. This will help you prepare for the eye makeup. Use the right color of eye shadows. Just don’t go overboard with them. Too many colors can just make it too messy and spoil your natural beauty. This is probably one of the best bridal makeup tips you’ll get anywhere. 

Tip#5- Let your lips go flawless. 

Followed by your eyes, your lips are the showstopper. Prepare them to have a smile brighter than the sun and more soothing than a gale. Just prepare your lips before anything else. Scrub them and get rid of the dead skin. Apply a good lip balm. Rest, you know the drill already. Use a lip pencil to define them and possibly, a deeper shade of lipstick. 

Tip#6- Highlighter is a must! 

What’s the use of all the hard work when no one’s noticing the most pretty sides of you? That’s what we use the highlighter to define your features and enhance your look. We’d recommend you to apply some on your nose tip, along the contouring lines of your cheeks, chin, and eyebrows. 

Tip#7- Glam it up! 

Well, it’s your day. You’re going to be the center of attraction. You can make it special by going a little bit glamorous with your look. How? Go simple, minimalist, and go with confidence. You may not know all the tricks that go with bridal makeup. So, you may consult an expert to help you get the right advice. Make sure to go bold and slay it. Remember, you’re beautiful and no one’s anywhere near as compared to you. So, live it up to its best. It’s your moment, own it!

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