A Customized Beauty & Shopping List for the Winter Bride-To-Be


Winter season is knocking at our doorsteps and so are weddings! I am sure all the new brides-to-be are getting jittery feelings and butterflies in their stomachs as trending outfits, jewelry, and makeup inspiration pop up on their feed. From twirling shots with your girlfriends to some well-rehearsed sangeet numbers, winter weddings can be a little daunting especially due to the harsh weather. Today we make the task a lot easier for you by listing down a “customized beauty shopping list” which will help you to curate your bridal trousseau effortlessly. From pre-bridal essentials to the post-wedding beauty kit, these simple yet effective hacks will ensure that you enjoy your D-day to the fullest without having to stress about micromanaging every little bridal detail. 

Hair, makeup, and beauty products make up a huge chunk of the entire process. These essentials are often pushed aside and kept for some last-minute checking.  The hustle and bustle of a big fat Indian wedding bring with it a rollercoaster of emotions, emergency panic attacks, and some gorgeous “Insta-ready” pictures. For a smooth transition from your bachelorette night to the reception saga, we bring to you a compiled list with tips, tricks, and hacks to cater to your multiple wedding functions. Let’s dive right in! 

1. Keep a “Hangover Kit” in the Room 

Keep a “Hangover Kit” in the room

Weddings are a gala affair with loads of fashion, fun, food, laughter, and tears. However, with the clicking of selfies, stilettos, and free-flowing champagne overnight comes to some unavoidable beauty disasters like shoe bites, hangovers, and wardrobe malfunctions. Hangover kits are an absolute lifesaver when it comes to times of distress. Whether your guest has swayed a bit too much on “ishq tera tadpave” or your new pair of heels has left you with a raw and red shoe bite, this simple hangover proof pack will help you to get ready for the morning rituals in a jiffy. Include vitamin c juices, breath mints, eye patches, band-aids, and munchies with mini water bottles in your room to save the day. 

2. Keep Colored Safety Pins Handy 

Keep colored safety pins handy

Colored safety pins are an excellent option to merge and hide any accidental “oops” wardrobe malfunction moments in times of high-pitched performances and ceremonies. Opt for sturdy ones in different shapes and sizes which are well equipped to handle any heavy Indian wear that you might be sporting in your wedding and pre-wedding festivities. Breaking of a necklace clasp, chain, or simply tugging and pulling on an ensemble can happen anytime. This small and quick accessory will save your day effortlessly. Ask your girl gang to be on bridesmaid duty and keep your pins handy. 

3. Invest in Some Good Quality Eye Care Products 

Invest in some good quality eye care products

Skincare often takes a back burner during the wedding festivities and that might lead to dull and dehydrated skin even after the “premium package wedding makeup”. To look as fresh as a daisy, always opt for good quality eye products. Under-eye creams, patches, oils, and jade rollers are an excellent option to keep handy when the chugging of drinks stops and you wake up with red, puffy, and irritated eyes. These will soothe and calm your under-eye circles which in turn will make makeup application much smoother and fuss-free. 

4. Keep your Moisturizers Handy to Avoid Bangle Scratches

Keep your moisturizers handy to avoid bangle scratches-

While the heavy “choodas” might bring out every single bit of your bridal glory on the D-day, these bangles come with an additional amount of scratching, itching, and skin irritation. Body makeup like illuminators and shimmers can aggravate the issue further which can lead to long-term problems leading up to your wedding. Always keep a non-scented/ medicated lotion and ointment handy, especially on your drying outdoor winter wedding. This will ensure that your accessories slip on easily and do not harm your skin further.

5. Essential Oils to the Rescue 

Essential oils to the rescue

Believe it or not, essential oils can play a huge role in multiple ways for your winter skincare routine. Always keep some mini travel-sized bottles in your room to use during such emergencies. Bridal makeup is way heavier (for obvious reasons) as compared to your regular makeup and our daily balms/wipes might not clean out your stubborn eyelash glue or super stay matte ink lipstick very easily. Opt for the good old coconut oil in situations like this. Take a small amount and activate it on your palms to melt the product. Rub it in circular motions on your face and wash it off with a face wash. Voila! You have super clean skin with minimal effort. Similarly, if your ear-lobes are paining/bleeding/hurting after wearing those heavy bridal jhumkas for hours then an essential oil like lavender, sweet almond or rosemary will do the trick. If you have little bruises and scratches from rings, chains, and other jewelry then a few drops of Frankincense essential oil will soothe your pain in an instant. 

We hope that this brand new beginning in your life is full of beautiful and cherished memories. From “oh-so-adorable” pictures with your beau to a gorgeous bridal entry, make sure to absolutely rock your winter wedding. Do let us know which of these beauty hacks you would be trying out.