5 Beauty Products to Opt for Irritated and Sensitive Skin


If you have ever felt helpless after waking up to dry, itchy, inflamed, and irritated skin, then we can completely feel you. It is never an easy task to maintain even a basic routine when your skin decides to act up; at anything and everything. From extreme dryness to scaling and more, the side effects of having sensitive skin can be endless. Not to mention, your favorite makeup products can seem like a disaster when applied to Red, inflamed, and irritated skin. Regular and fancy new skincare launches can no longer work as medicated and non-comedogenic products will become your best friend. The stress and discomfort that is caused for problems like this can greatly affect one’s day-to-day activities and we are here to make your lives a lot easier. Today we list down 5 products that will come in handy the next time your skin decides to flare up. Let’s dive right in!

1. Keep a Calamine Lotion Handy 

. Keep a Calamine Lotion Handy 

Calamine lotions are your best friend if you are someone who suffers from random unknown rashes and eczema flare-ups. This tiny little bottle of magic can be used for spot treatments, and also as an additional preventive measure by mixing it in with your regular moisturizer. Calamine lotions are also available over the counter at any drugstore for different skin types. Choose the one which matches the closest to your skin type for the entire year and you are all ready to combat some sudden flare-ups.

 2. Sensitive Skin loves Aloe Vera Gel

Opt for Aloe Vera based gels

Aloe Vera is an excellent ingredient to soothe and calm down inflamed, irritated, and sensitive skin. Whether opting for a fresh gel straight out of the leaf or choosing some natural aloe-based gels, creams, and lotions; always remember to do a patch test on the back of your hand before applying it to your face or neck. For a quick DIY hack you can also pop in some Aloe Vera gel in the ice cube tray to freeze and use it as a cooling agent when you wake up in the morning. This will reduce puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles and also protect your skin from reacting to any foreign substance. 

3. Go for Fragrance-Free Serums 

Go for Fragrance-Free Serums 

Always look for serums that are free from any artificially added fragrance or color. This simple yet necessary step will prevent any new ingredient from reacting to your skin. Strong smelling perfumes and musks are also a big no-no, as these might trigger some unwanted reaction on your sensitive body parts. Always consult your dermatologist before starting some chemically induced serum-like retinol, hyaluronic acid, vitamin-c, AHA-BHA, etc. 

4. Use Rose Water instead of Facial Toners 

Use Rose Water instead of Facial Toners 

Rosewater is an excellent option for keeping your skin’s PH balance in check while giving it a boost of hydration. It is also extremely beneficial for controlling the excessive production of sebum and acne. Store it in an airtight container; spritz it throughout the day to achieve flawless-looking skin without compromising on its sensitivity. 

5. Use Coconut Oil as your Makeup Remover 

Use Coconut Oil as your Makeup Remover 

Coconut oil is an excellent natural makeup remover as it washes away even the hardest of waterproof makeup. Switch it with your regular micellar water or makeup-removing wipes to prevent further irritation of the skin. Makeup removal balms are also known to dry out the skin while stripping it off from its natural oils. This little bottle is easy on the pocket, widely available, and gentle on the skin.

We hope these little tips tricks and hacks will come in handy the next time you decide to start a new skincare routine or your sensitive facial areas decide to flare up. Which one of these are your favorites? Do let us know!

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